Pregnancy Journey Part 3: Hello morning sickness

Morning sickness hell!

There I was one evening me and my partner were sat watching a film, a chick flick I had made him watch and I felt SICK. At first I thought it was our dinner but looking back I know this is where it began ( I don't think our nachos could have caused it to last for the next 30 weeks anyway) it never really went away or if it did something else equally unpleasant took its place. It's safe to say I did not enjoy being pregnant. Yes it was all completely worth it in the end but for me it was HARD. I was only about six weeks when it all began- really?! I didn't expect this! I remember saying to someone at work at about five weeks that I don't think I'd get morning sickness, how silly of me! Maybe I jinxed it.. 

Yep my body wasted no time making me pay for the baby growing in my belly, at least that's how I saw it. After the first few weeks of sickness and going to the doctor about 3 times they finally gave me anti sickness tablets ( they're keen to sign you off work or see how it goes at first) and again it's all down to the personal choice that only you have the right to make about taking medications when pregnant. By this point I couldn't take the nausea anymore. I began to slowly feel better which I think was a combo of this and coming out of my first trimester. It then pretty much went apart from the odd occasion ( baby HATED curries and I still don't manage them very well anymore to this day) until it came back at about 30 weeks with a vengeance. This time I was actually being physically sick, ALOT. I've talked before about how you don't prepare for pregnancy and of course I'd naively heard about morning sickness and just assumed it wouldn't be that regular or bad, but then spending nights upon nights in the bathroom alone or having to pull up at the side of the road with your emergency bowl, if you was lucky enough to remember one, quickly got rid of any presumptuous feelings I ever had about morning sickness and I  quickly realised how unglamorous and draining it can be. I tried every 'trick' going to rid of it but in the end I just had
To let it run its course, but I think it's a good idea to try everything, you have nothing to lose! And one day arrowroot/ginger biscuits for example could make you want to throw up more and other days it could settle your stomach for a few hours, it's all down to your body! 

I sent this to my partner saying what a bump I had - hahahaha! (I miss my no stretch mark tummy, cry)

12 weeks pregnant! My first signs of a bump! Dealing with morning sickness on holiday!


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